I feel like every challenge I’ve had I’ve never really been able to kinda prove myself and if there are doubtful people in this house that question you know how strong of a player I am, so I wanted to prove myself.

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Caleb: So I know if I choose the power of veto and don’t use it, my boy Cody will be pretty happy with me, because he won’t have to make a replacement nominee. But quite frankly that five thousand dollars cash is looking pretty good right now.

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“I’m very fake to everyone’s face” — Christine

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Anonymous asked: what did Caleb do now??

He kissed Amber while she was asleep and was practically glaring at her all night

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Even if they did expel Caleb (which they unfortunately probably won’t), they’ll still go through with eviction

they still had eviction when Willie was expelled and two people left that week

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Derrick: Sorry to interrupt, did you eat the last piece of ham?

Donny: That was the last piece. 

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I can tell you right now, whoever the hell sends me out of here sure as hell isn’t getting my vote in jury.

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Week 4 is clearly a cursed week where the two best houseguests are nominated





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I miss Porsche

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