There’s going to be certain categories and sorry if u didn’t make the cut chances are I just forgot or got too lazy so turn up


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MUTUALS THAT I ENJOY (either on here or on my main greasyanticipation)

a lot of y’all i actually want to be friends with so don’t hesitate and the bolded are mutuals that are base and italicized are specifics i want to be friends with this is how i approach people sorry bout it

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anyways yeah i’m basically irrelevant to the bb tag and community but I’m queen of bbtc that’s really all that matters i guess 

S/O to the truest bae thereece for make the gifs!!!!!!!!!!

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(~: thereecepagani’s follow forever :~)

this is gonna be broken down into the people that im closest to, and mutuals ive gained this year. if i forgot anyone im so sorry there are so many of you on this list :/ i love all 435 of you TBQH!!!

first i would like to give shoutouts to the ORIGINAL hunts that i met two years ago back when bbtc was growing up. i love all of you so much!! you’re all my favorite people on this site LBR!! :~) im so glad i became close to every one of you <33

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(this is gonna be a huge list :o) ok finally are the shoutouts to the mutuals i’ve gained this year and gotten to know. a few of you i’ve gotten to know so well and a few of you i haven’t gotten to know all that well but i still think y’all are really awesome :~) stay tru always and message me sometime bc i love all of you!!

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if i forgot anybody im sorry but all of you truly make going on this site really really fun. obv some of y’all die sometimes in the early evenings but there’s always a drag of a z**h stan that you guys provide for everyone. even though i dont know all of you that well, i’d love to get to know the people i really dont know and to get to know more about the people i’ve already started to get to know. you guys mean a lot to me TBQH! thank you for making this social media site worth logging onto and liking AND reblogging my selfies :~) i love you all <3333

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I decided to hop onto the bandwagon and make this now while we’re at the highest point of quite possibly the whole season (aka Nicole and Donny still in the house), so here we go. Since making this blog during Big Brother Canada, I have followed, talked to, and become friends with some truly amazing blogs and people, those who I’d like to now thank. (Alphabetical bc y’all are amazing). <3

AMERICA CANADA’S FAVOURITES (the people who I wouldn’t survive this stupid show without)

britneyanddanfanfranzelnicoles, ikaspotato, nicole-franzelz, of-mice-and-big-brother, onetrueslayer, team-americassaboteur, zachranceisqueen

HEAD OF HOUSEHOLDS (the people who I’m not extremely close with, but who I’ve been following/mutuals with for a while)

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MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS (the people who I’ve only recently gotten to know and follow, but who I love all the same)

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+ blogroll (if I missed you, I’m so sorry)

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Brittany and Cody’s brother, Paul.

I hope she fucks him in spite of Cody


Brittany and Cody’s brother, Paul.

I hope she fucks him in spite of Cody

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literally me

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Zach’s face after Victoria showed him the destroyed hat 


Zach’s face after Victoria showed him the destroyed hat 

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the most times someone voted in a row

2 - Bunky (6)
3 - Danielle (10)
4 - Alison (6)
5 - Karen (7)
6 - James (8)
7 - Mike/Will (7)
8 - Zach (7)
9 - Shelia (8)
10 - Ollie (7)
11 - Kevin (9)
12 - Ragan (8)
13 - Porsche (7)
14 - Dan (6)
15 - McCrae (10)
16 - Victoria (9)

victoria coming for mccrae and danielle!!

I like how people are complimenting Victoria for this when Karen Sheila Ollie and Mccrae are on this list like it’s really not an accomplishment 

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